Multi-Sensory Environments

Tap into the power of your senses of sight, sound, touch, and feelings to work through and heal the issues of the brain, all in a controlled environment designed to meet your specific needs.


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Mindful Occupational Therapy

We can teach you to work through stressful environmental and life situations with a more mindful approach to self-soothing, contemplation, and overall happiness.


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Human Systems Dynamics Method

We'll teach you to apply one of four systematic methods developed to find patterns within the most complex situations in life so you can take action with more confidence.



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Janice has successfully applied her teaching philosophy to clients, caregivers, special needs adults, paraprofessionals, and graduate students. Her clinical practice and teaching work reflects three aspects of a concise teaching and therapeutic intervention philosophy.

Learning and treatment environments must be inclusive. This requires the practitioner to see beyond the surface and truly develop client-centered goals, communication strategies, and methods.

Exchanges of information must be two-way. This means authoritarian approaches rarely work as well as those the client believes they have developed for themselves. The finesse of a mindful practitioner is the ability to act in the emotionally-sensitive moment when the client is ready for positive change.

Every skill and ability developed in an enhanced multi-sensory environment must be carried out and applied to natural environments. This is the only way for new learning to generalize across contexts for efficient memory retrieval through new neuronal connections developed in the brain during a process called neuroplasticity.

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Training Workshops

Do you want to bring multi-sensory environment therapy into your practice or business? Dr. Ryan can assist you in becoming certified as a practitioner, technician, or designer through American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments using mindful occupational therapy and human system dynamics thinking. She offers instruction in-person on a one-to-one basis, in small group workshops for your practice, or at ticketed conferences and seminars open to professionals.


Dr. Janice Ryan's work and therapeutic approach has been published in multiple books, journals, and magazines.

Exceptional Parent Magazine (Oct. 2017)
Exceptional Parent 2018 Guide (Jan. 2018)
Exceptional Parent's Autism Awareness Issue (Apr. 2018)

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