A Methodical Approach to Sorting Complexity

Learn the body-mind-spirit approaches that can enable you to identify patterns in the seemingly chaotic phases of life and improve your reactions to them.

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What Is HSD?

Human Systems Dynamics is a practice founded upon the principle that complex situations all include a series of patterns and dynamic systems our brains tap into to process them.

When the processing becomes difficult, there are therapy methods that can be used to simplify it by:

  1. Reducing unconscious or instinctive fight-flight-freeze responses so healthy habits are free to grow
  2. Coaching the adaptive action cycle so that conscious learning can create new skills
  3. Providing ways to use conscious decisions to improve relationships and behaviors

Our Experience

Dr. Janice Ryan became a Certified Human Systems Dynamics Associate in 2008 and had her work featured in a book written on the subject titled, Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization, published by Stanford University Press (Eoyang & Holladay, 2013).

She has applied the “Adaptive Action” model for promoting adaptive capacity building in treatment of people with mental and cognitive health challenges over the lifespan as well as in classrooms, health care systems, and for academic program development.

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"It has been a pleasure to work, teach, and learn with Janice since she became an Associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute in 2008. Three things make her a extraordinary scholar-practitioner.

First, her empathy and insight put her inside the perceptions of others. This is true in her occupational therapy work as well as her teaching, learning, research.

Second, Janice has a wide-ranging frame of reference. She has studied deeply in a variety of disciplines and integrates them all into her analysis, decision-making, and action.

Third, she is curious. In spite of her expertise and deep insights, she continues to stand in inquiry about the world of action and ideas in which she lives and works."

- Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP

Founding Executive Director, Human Systems Dynamics Institute

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Who Can Benefit

Human systems dynamics is beneficial for those who are easily overwhelmed when the to-do list gets long or searching for ways to improve efficiency in their lives and work, also known as The Red Queen Effect.

It can help families live healthier lives, develop better relationships, and rejoice in their complete individual identities by reducing the drama that characterizes families and communities of people who are living with the ongoing stress of previous trauma, cognitive or mental health challenges.

HSD can also be used to promote healthier work and service delivery environments in any healthcare, business, or organizational setting.

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