Seeking Long Term Benefits of Being Fully Present

The human brain is capable of processing multiple things at once. Imagine what it could do with a single focus at any given time.

The Origin

The Mindful Occupational Therapy Approach (MOTA) can be used to promote permanent changes in the brain for better occupational performance, self-awareness, social skills, sensory processing, and emotional self-regulation.

Janice has more than 30 years of working with people who have a broad range of life challenges, from autism to emotional trauma. She provides a first-hand perspective of how to move from being disconnected to leading a socially-engaged professional and personal life.

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How It Works

MOTA includes a specific process for interactions to help individuals overcome stress and trauma responses that reduce their quality of life.

By learning to activate their relaxation response during a controlled situation, we're able to bring our clients out of limiting thought processes to become more aware and focused on the singular task at hand.

This regular practice equips our clients with new skills and new thought patterns needed to take a deliberate, proactive approach to managing stressors and meeting new challenges in their daily lives.

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The Benefits

Through mindful occupational therapy, clients can:

  • have an increased sense of self and self-control in their lives
  • learn to recognize the emotional triggers that cause them to “shut down” and react rather than act in stressful situations
  • chose how they respond to stressors and how to process the situation to make the stress effects less cumulative over time.



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