Feedback from Our Clients and Colleagues

The impact of our approach to therapy resonates not only with the people we help, but through their families, communities and the organization's we train and work with to help accomplish our mission.

We are grateful to receive such wonderful feedback from our clients and colleagues in this industry.

Listen to two of our satisfied clients who just went through our FIRST American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments (AAMSE) training course! As you can tell from the video, they both thoroughly enjoyed the two-day workshop.

It took Doug a couple visits to open up and trust, but then he started developing a rapport with Dr. Ryan.

"Working with Janice through the American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments and the International Snoezelen-MSE Association has been a refreshing experience. Not only did we collaborate with great ideas, but she provided brilliant insights for applying the MSE processes to a variety of programs, resulting in an enhanced service delivery model for clients."

- Anthony M. McCrovitz, Ph.D., Psy.D., LMHC, BCPC, IMH-E® (II), DAPA

Executive Director, Quality of Life Institute

"It has been a pleasure to work, teach, and learn with Janice since she became an Associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute in 2008. Three things make her a extraordinary scholar-practitioner.

First, her empathy and insight put her inside the perceptions of others. This is true in her occupational therapy work as well as her teaching, learning, research.

Second, Janice has a wide-ranging frame of reference. She has studied deeply in a variety of disciplines and integrates them all into her analysis, decision-making, and action.

Third, she is curious. In spite of her expertise and deep insights, she continues to stand in inquiry about the world of action and ideas in which she lives and works."

- Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP

Founding Executive Director, Human Systems Dynamics Institute

"I had the privilege of spending some time talking to Dr. Janice Ryan about her work with multi-sensory environments and mindfulness as it relates to people with certain emotional problems. We talked about mindfulness and learning to recognize 'triggers' (various environmental circumstances) that could set off a series of negative and detrimental emotional responses.

I used some of these general principles in helping a loved one, and we were able to learn to recognize, reduce and overcome panic attacks, and thus avoid the use of medication which would otherwise have been used.

I was totally impressed with the results of just this tiny segment of what I gleaned from my conversations with Dr. Ryan. I am convinced that her research and her current work in these areas is delineating the future path for effective, medication-free treatment of many emotional disorders."

- Rick Metcalf

"I appreciate the manner in which Dr. Ryan integrated her skill and expertise in with her Christian faith, as she developed an educational program for our special needs adults at Ooltewah UMC. Her work continues today and is a blessing to the adults, and their families, who are involved in the group."

- J. Eric Light, Director of Reach and Serve Ministries

Ooltewah United Methodist Church

"What a pleasure to share a working relationship with Dr. Janice Ryan to provide our community with a therapeutic approach that ministers to the whole person for a goal of empowerment and healing. Dr. Ryan's approach is evolutionary in her positive approaches towards the practice of human systems dynamics.

She strives to create a sacred space to promote healing and attunement on every scale to achieve collaborative organizational growth and the development for the greater good of the person and community."

- Rev. Amy S. Nutt, Lead Pastor

White Oak United Methodist Church

"Janice Ryan introduced me to Centering Prayer some weeks ago. As a survivor of domestic violence this technique of praying and meditation has taught me to seek the calmness I find through centering prayer throughout my day. It has helped me accept who I am as a result of my past, and in turn accept others with an open-heart void of labels. I am grateful for her presence in my life and her dedication to achieving the same results for others."

- Gail Hindman, Author & Founder

The Glory of Hope Ministries and The Douglas Fund