Brain Energy Synchrony

The Key to Overcoming COVID-19 Stress Using Multi-Sensory Environment Effects

During our first Attunement Solutions Training Video, we talked about how MSE treatment is based on the science of self-organizing complex adaptive systems and the science of interconnectedness with environment. This means that people with special needs have an opportunity to adapt to a personally preferred environment when treatment occurs in an MSE and this can positively influence dynamic thought, feeling, and behavior pattern formation. As you learned during that first training video, this is how positive transforming feedback loops generated by pieces of MSE equipment can promote a shift out of anxiety or depression.

In the world of COVID-19, positive transforming feedback loops can make a huge mental health difference for people with special needs. This is because our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are naturally made more stable and less complex by our defense action system when we are living in a stressful environment. Complexity scientists call this “the problem of pattern complexity.”

Now we will introduce two new complexity science terms that are important to consider when we are treating clients in an MSE. These two new complexity science terms are “control parameters” and “order parameters.” Changing our client’s environment to make it their personally preferred environment means we are changing the control parameters or environmental influences that have been keeping them on the defense.

During treatment in an MSE, positive transforming feedback loops are giving the client new thought, feeling, and behavior pattern possibilities by shifting energy networks in the brain into synchrony. This means that synchrony, is now driving the brain energy system into dynamic instability for new adaptive learning. Synchrony has become the new order parameter so that the defense action system response to stressful environmental conditions during COVID-19 can be overcome.