Promoting a Sense of Oneness: Simple Rule #2: Promote Interdependent Relationships

Simple Rule #2 is to promote interdependent relationships

Amygdala memories develop and are changed through emotional experiences such as living through unprecedented and, potentially traumatizing events like COVID-19. Likewise, I know a young man who was involved recently in cleaning up the high school debris that had been his alma mater the day before tornadoes hit. That day he picked through a pile of rubble and removed downed trees from his previous classrooms. Afterward was the first time I had ever heard that young man seriously consider that we are living in “end times” or are approaching an “apocalypse.”

New paradigm science on development and change of amygdala memories, explains how and why our minds keep returning to ancient spiritual metaphors. Ancient spiritual metaphors developed out of primitive, survival-based beliefs encoded into emotional memories. Emotional memories that were arranged by the amygdala into good vs. bad perceptions. In this way, amygdala memories might be described as providing each of us with an emotional record of the course of human evolution.

I share this new paradigm science, not to dampen the power of our ancient spiritual metaphors, but to honor the way they have supported our evolutionary history. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” In my mind, the spiritual record of our evolutionary development encoded as emotional memories by our amygdala is nothing less than a miracle.

Humans have an interdependent relationship with our earth and other animals that old paradigm science allowed us to deny. New paradigm science has revealed the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, and we can no longer deny our evolutionary interrelationships. Humans have honorable capacities to feel compassion, to act out of altruism, and to fight for what we believe in. Now it is time to move past just protecting those who are dearest to us and to start promoting a universal sense of oneness.

Intense emotional energy creates patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that allow us to fall in love with and care for our children. Likewise, intense emotional energy creates patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that cause us to lose trust and to hate. We don’t react logically to opposition because we have an amygdala memory map of our ascent from less evolved versions of ourselves. Promoting a sense of oneness in our COVID-19 world means, we are now accepting our evolutionary heritage and are ready to evolve past it in body, mind, and spirit.

Nondual patterns consistently recognize the fallacy of the fiercely independent assumptions good vs. bad perceptions has always created in the human mind. Nondual patterns can be used to break the dualistic or split reality created by early-human good vs. bad perceptions. Simple Rule #2 is to promote interdependent relationships because developing a sense of individual and collective oneness requires us to finally acknowledge that we are not separate, but instead are interconnected with our earth and all its inhabitants.