Oneness is a Pattern, Not a Word

The stress caused by current, unprecedented events associated with COVID-19 and extreme weather conditions believed to be associated with global warming, provide the world with an opportunity to embrace the paradigm shift we all need. Increasingly, we hear spiritual leaders with an Eastern Philosophy call our attention to a concept they call “oneness” but, what is oneness? Why is the word oneness insufficient for supporting positive changes in the world?

Oneness is a human system state that must be gradually promoted by embedding nondual patterns to overcome good vs. bad perceptions. Globally, oneness will require a paradigm shift that will systematically change our good vs. bad perceptions of the world. These are unconscious perceptions that we all tend to have that tell us, “If we are doing or wanting what is good, someone with opposing motivations must be bad”.

Nondual patterns consistently recognize the fallacy of the assumptions good vs. bad perceptions create. Nondual patterns consistently break the dualistic or split reality created by good vs. bad perceptions. In this way, perceptually biased assumptions that emerge natural from good vs. bad perceptions are systematically overcome by promoting nondual patterns.

Paradoxically, perceptually biased self-other assumptions develop out of our intent and experience trying to do good. When we see ourselves as doing good, “the other” with opposing motivations, is perceived as doing bad. In reality, many times, both “self” and “other” see themselves as doing good, based on the lessons learned through our own life experience. It is not possible to overcome perceptually biased assumptions by the force of our will because, we only recognize dualities by reflection after we have overcome them.

This blog series will be about one set of Human Systems Dynamics Simple Rules that can be used to overcome good vs. bad perceptions. This set of seven simple rules should not be considered the only one. This set is one that has been helpful for me as I have been transformed through the use of Mindfulness, Christian-based Centering Prayer, and a set of Human Systems Dynamics Simple Rules designed to gradually overcome unconscious good vs. bad perceptions.

Dr. Janice Ryan, OT, HSDP
President: Attunement Solutions