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Leverage 30 years of study and practice in Cognitive Therapy to add options for your clients. From preparation for AAMSE certification to workshops on innovative approaches to problems, we are a resource for you to increase your client base and improve client outcomes.

Facility Staff Trainings

To continue providing the best treatment and solutions for your clients, continual learning and research is required, but traveling to conferences isn't always realistic for your staff's schedule. Train your staff on these new techniques and methodologies with a small group workshop led by Dr. Ryan.


She can prepare one, two, or three-day workshops to educate your staff on the benefits that multi-sensory environments and mindful OT can have on your client's quality of life. This is ideally suited for groups of five to 30 people.



Training for Universities

Add a new element to your student's education with early training on multi-sensory environments, mindful occupational therapy, and human systems dynamics for your class. Dr. Ryan works directly with universities to incorporate her newer methodologies into the educational plans for occupational therapy students.

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Training for Private Practitioners

Dr. Ryan will hand craft one-on-one training options for those times when group learning isn't the right fit for your practice. During these on-site coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to integrate MSEs and other cutting edge therapies into your practice.

Dr. Ryan will assist you from concept to completion in bringing these modalities to your clients. Content and duration of this training is custom tailored for each of our practitioners.

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speaking engagements

Dr. Ryan takes the methodologies for multi-sensory environments, her experience with human systems dynamics, and the benefits of mindful occupational therapy to the masses with educational presentations and keynote speeches at conferences around the country.


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