An Alternative Approach to Therapy


We approach therapy from a uniquely creative and scientifically proven approach using multi-sensory environments and mindful occupational therapy, informed by a human systems dynamics model.

Multi-Sensory Environments

Enter into a user controlled environment of sights, sounds, feelings, and textures to utilize the senses that are most available for adapting the brain's response to stimulation for promoting improved social and life functions.

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Mindful Occupational Therapy

When you truly focus on a single task at hand, your potential for success immediately increases. Applying this principle to occupational therapy allows for greater results and improved mental states for our clients, coworkers and leadership.

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Human Systems Dynamics

HSD uses models and methods recognized around the world that are designed to provide you with the skills to unravel life's complexities through the systematic identification of workable patterns.


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Therapy Training Workshops

You have a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s thought leaders in research and development of Human Systems Dynamics, Mindful Occupational Therapy and Multi-Sensory Environments therapies.


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